Below are a few samples of tracks from Dermot & Flo’s new album. Just click PLAY.

The Monaghan Jig
Listen to The Monaghan Jig
Killyburn Brae
Listen to Killyburn Brae & Trim the Velvet
La Valse Des Jouets
Listen to La Valse Des Jouets
Amhrán na Leabhar
Listen to Amhrán na Leabhar
La Clairière
Listen to La Clairière
Kishor’s Tune
Listen to Kishor's Tune


Dermot and Flo’s great new duet abum, featuring tunes and airs from Ireland, France, England and Canada. There are Jigs, reels, waltzes, slow airs and a lovely French song of love lost. As well as playing accordion, Dermot gives us a great set of toe-tapping Donegal tunes on melodeon (you can listen to a clip of the track above). Flo also shows another side when she plays piano and sings on an ethereal French song about a lost love remembered. They have also invited some friends along to join in the fun on the album with the likes of guitar player Tim Edey, cellist Eimear O’Grady, percussionist Tommy Hayes, Mary Shannon on mandolin, and Frank Kilkelly also contributes some swing-style guitar. Brendan O’Regan adds to the mix with his well honed production and musical skills. All in all, its a delight!
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dermotcdMeanwhile, Dermot’s solo album has been re-issued due to demand and can be purchased from Celtic Grooves here. Released in 1995, it features accompaniment from Australian guitar player Steve Cooney, one of the most in demand accompanists of the Irish trad scene; double bassist Trevor Hutchinson of Lunasa, and bouzouki, guitar, and bodhran player Donal Lunny, who needs no introduction. It includes a live recording of “Tico Tico” a virtuoso Brazilian piece where Dermot shows his versatility in his approach to a very different style of music. Dermot also revisits the roots of Irish accordion playing in two tracks where he uses the one-row melodeon, playing classic tunes like “The Pigeon on the Gate” and “The Frost is all over”. The haunting Donegal slow air “Paddys Rambles in the Park”, which comes from the playing of Johnny Doherty, shows another side of Dermos playing, imbued as it is with pathos and tenderness.

dermotpierreA wonderful joining of two particular and strong traditions represented here by Dermot (button accordion, Donegal, Ireland) and Pierre Schryer (fiddle, Ontario, Canada). Their album’2 Worlds United,’ released on the Claddagh Records label in Ireland, exemplifies a taste of the best of both worlds by including material from Québec, Ireland, Scotland and Cape Breton. These two exponents are splendidly united in the playing and performance of these sets of tunes while the tunes themselves are arranged with some regard to the traditions in which they were formed. The album depicts a gentle collision with a deal of swapping of views and perspectives. The result is a masterful combination of two celebrated musical traditions from Canada and Ireland.”
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