High res images below:

Dermot-Black&White-1tmb Dermot-Final-2tmb Dermot-Final-3tmb Duet-Final-2tmb Duet-Final-3tmb Duet-Final-4tmb
Flo-Black&White-2tmb Flo-Black&White-4tmb Flo-Con-7tmb

PDF of A3 poster. Click to download

PDF of A3 poster. Click to download


Clip from the Fleadh Live program set during Derry’s Fleadh August 2013

Clip from TG4 Gradam Ceoil programme. Dermot appears at about 10:42 in the clip and plays at about 17:47

Interview with Dermot for the Gradam Ceoil award

Dermot & Flo at the Harcourt Sessions Box Night accompanied by the great Tim Edey.

Dermot & Flo at the Steeple Sessions.

Dermot playing with the Salsa Celtica big band

Old but Gold..Dermot with Frankie Gavin and Steve Cooney playing before Stephan Grapelli